5 Remarkable Benefits of Red Owl Boxing Classes for Adults


There are several benefits to incorporating boxing classes into your exercise routine. Aside from that fact that it’s a fun, new way to exercise, there are many physical & mental benefits to your overall health. Red Owl Boxing classes are designed for both beginner & advanced levels.

Boxing, as a professional combat sport, has been around for hundreds of years. However, in this day and age, it has gained popularity as a fitness workout as well. More and more celebrities, fitness influencers, and people who want to lead a healthy life are including boxing in their lifestyle.

But why is boxing taking the limelight? Does it improve cardiovascular health? Can you box to relieve stress? What about building muscle mass and losing weight? Let’s delve deeper and understand what advantages boxing brings to the table.

Reduces Joint Problems & Enhances Overall Body Strength

According to a study, joint pain is pretty common among adults, especially the ones above 40. As we age, coming across such problems is inevitable. But guess what? By taking boxing classes, you can kick away joint problems, make your bones stronger, and as a result, improve your overall body strength.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle or you spend most of your time sitting on a chair working, the odds are that you have a relatively low bone mineral density. This may cause you to feel pain while lifting relatively heavier objects and may even damage your bones. However, experts suggest that you can actually increase your bone density and mitigate this problem through resistance training like boxing.

Moreover, throwing a punch against something solid like focus mitts or a punching bag runs your muscles like arms, shoulders, and core into resistance. It would not be wrong to say that you bring your whole body into action while boxing. For instance, core muscles help you in stability, hips and lower body part like legs aid you in positioning and balancing yourself, while arms and shoulders are there to give the blow.

As a result, you tend to build more bone tissues, making you physically stronger. The more resistance your muscles feel, the stronger you’ll get.

Decreases Body Fat and Increases Muscle Definition

Have you ever noticed how lean someone who boxes looks? Why do fitness influencers or celebrities do boxing sessions? Simply because boxing helps in reducing the body fat you carry and makes you look leaner.

Boxing is one of the best ways to do cardio and burn calories. On average, people burn around 300-500 in 40 minutes of a boxing class. If you want to lose weight fast, you can even go beyond the 500-calorie mark and burn about 700-800 calories by increasing the time and intensity of your boxing session.

In addition to decreasing body fat, boxing also defines your muscles, especially that of shoulders and arms. You can build crazy-looking deltoids and biceps if you are boxing on a daily basis. Boxing classes often include exercises like crunches that can give definition to your abs as well.

Not only this, but if you box with a proper form, you can define not only your upper body muscles and your midsection but also your lower body muscles like glutes.

Improves Mental Health by Reducing Stress

Adversity is part and parcel of life, and things might not always go our way. It is only natural to feel angry and frustrated in such circumstances. However, bottling up negative emotions can result in emotional outbursts and affect your mental health.

But the good news is that you can channel the negative energy to the punching bags or focus mitts as they offer a healthy and creative outlet for unpleasant feelings.

There are a couple of other ways to relieve stress, like meditation and cold therapy, but nothing beats boxing. And most importantly, with the help of boxing, you let your aggression out in a safe environment. Moreover, boxing equips you with self-defense techniques, a great confidence booster that helps you get out of difficult situations like a fight, consequently aiding in stress relief.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Do you know that doctors recommend exercising(cardio) for at least 15-25 minutes 5 days a week to keep your heart healthy?

And guess what? Boxing is an excellent way to meet this recommended time of cardio. During a boxing session, not only will you get the required 15-25 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, but you will also improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Boxing is a demanding physical activity. Whether it’s throwing punches, defending yourself against an attack, or moving around the ring, boxing training involves a great deal of movement.

All of this activity increases the heart rate, forcing the heart to work harder to supply the muscles with oxygen and blood. Doing so will help protect your body against heart conditions, including strokes, high blood pressure issues, heart attacks, etc.

Improves Physical Agility, Balance & Hand-Eye Coordination

While fighting your opponent in the boxing ring, your eyes and hands must work in perfect harmony to keep your winning chances alive. Your one wrong punch can cost you your victory.

That is why, in boxing classes, instructors pay great attention to your hand-eye coordination. You are trained not only to hit at the right time but also at the right angle. When you set a clear target before throwing every punch, you make your eyes and hands work in coordination with each other.

Another advantage of boxing is improved balance. While training for boxing, you are taught to avoid attacks which automatically aids you in developing a strong sense of balance and maintaining your footing.

With the right balance, counter-attacks are also easier to deliver and allow you to capitalize and gain an advantage over your opponent.

Try Boxing Classes and See These Amazing Results Yourself

Boxing is an excellent way to be leaner, healthier, and stronger. On top of everything, it relieves your stress and gives your confidence a boost. No matter what your goal is, you will notice a lot of positive changes in your body, both mental and physical, when you join boxing classes.

So are you ready to give boxing classes a shot? Join our boxing program for adults and learn from the best in business.

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