Why Women Should Include Boxing Class in Their Lifestyle


The aggressive nature of boxing makes it look like a masculine sport. But if this is true, why are more and more women putting on gloves and entering the ring?  There is a reason. In fact, there are many reasons boxing is becoming popular among women. Boxing offers tremendous physical, mental, and psychological benefits for women, which makes it an ideal workout.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of boxing for women in detail.

Boxing Teaches Women Self-Defense & Boosts Confidence

Imagine what if someone tries to attack you to steal something? If you don’t know self-defense, you will find yourself in trouble. But if you do, everybody would see the attacker’s butt kicked in the middle of the street.

Boxing requires proper strategy and hand-eye coordination. When you begin taking boxing classes, besides training how to throw punches and attack your opponent, you also learn how to defend yourself against an attack. With the help of boxing training, not only can women feel more confident about themselves, but they will also develop a sense of security and will be able to protect themselves and their loved ones when in trouble.

Since boxing requires a high level of concentration, it teaches you to keep your focus and remain vigilant. It improves your balance and reflexes to help you escape tricky situations easily. Nothing can be more powerful than having the confidence to effectively get out of dangerous situations.

When you take boxing classes, apart from gaining strength and improving focus, your body also learns to perform better under pressure situations which is also a great confidence booster.

Boxing Helps Lose Weight Fast & Gets You in Shape

Are you finding it challenging to have a flat belly? Do you want to build your dream beach body before next summer arrives? Boxing can make this happen for you. People generally have this misconception that they can rapidly lose weight by hopping on a treadmill or cycling for an hour. While these exercises are effective, you can burn more calories in one hour of a boxing session as compared to cycling or running on a treadmill. And believe it or not, boxing is way more fun than riding a bicycle or running on a boring treadmill every day.

You can burn around 300-500 calories in a 40-minute boxing session. However, the number of calories you burn depends on several factors like the intensity of training, your body weight, your level of fitness, etc. You can even go up to burning around 700-800 calories in 1 hour of boxing training if you increase the intensity.

Not only does boxing help women lose weight and fat, but it also gets them in shape by defining their muscles, especially muscles of shoulders and arms. Since boxing requires you to do exercises like squats, push-ups, and crunches and needs you to move with perfect balance around the ring, you will also be able to develop better abs and glutes.

Now better muscle definition certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll be turned into an incredible hulk. It only means that you will have toned muscles that will make you look sharp and attractive.

Boxing Improves Mental Health & Balances Hormones

Not only is boxing beneficial for physical health, but it can also be a great outlet for emotional stress. You might be the type to keep some of life’s frustrations, stress, and anxiety bottled up inside. Letting it out can be a great stress reliever & can help balance hormones. However, without an outlet, these emotions can accumulate and may result in potential depression and other psychological issues. Therefore, it is important to have an activity like boxing to release emotional stress.

Boxing is an ideal way to eliminate such negative feelings and can be done in a safe and controlled environment. You can take all your anger out on the punching bag with ease. During boxing, we also tend to release endorphins (a hormone that aids in combating anxiety) that can help to improve our mood.

Boxing Aids in Developing Functional Strength

Strength is not only about how heavy you can lift or how much force you can exert. In fact, there are different types of strength. For instance, if we talk about power or weightlifting, these types of exercises only help you to build muscle strength but do not help in muscle endurance. Along with muscle strength, muscle endurance is equally vital, which can be developed through boxing. Muscle endurance is the ability of your muscles to withstand repetitive contractions and allows you to exert force consistently over a long period of time.

The functional strength you will gain from boxing will help you both inside the ring and outside in the real world to carry out everyday tasks effectively.

Boxing Enhances Your Cardiovascular Health

Boxing is an intense cardiovascular activity that strengthens the heart muscle by increasing the heart rate to supply blood and oxygen to all the muscle groups in your body. When you box, a lot of muscles, like arms, shoulders, abs, legs, and glutes, get into action. This enables your heart to work harder and faster to ensure that the muscles have the necessary blood and oxygen supply which in turn keeps your heart healthy and saves you from heart attacks, strokes, etc.

Boxing can provide a great cardiovascular workout that can help to lower blood pressure levels as well. In short, boxing is an excellent option for those looking to increase their aerobic capacity and improve their cardiovascular health. With regular boxing, you can not only have a healthy heart but also get in shape, improve sleep quality and reduce your stress levels.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, there are tons of benefits of boxing for women. That is why more and more women around the globe include boxing in their fitness regimes. Boxing not only teaches women self-defense skills and gets their bodies in shape, but it also works wonders in balancing women’s hormones and improving their mental health.

So are you all set to reap the benefits of this inexpensive hobby? If so, join our boxing classes for women and hop on a magical journey to changing your body from head to toe.

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